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Uniforms and Equipment

Ki International - uniforms, good prices, good quality. White oak bokken (under sparring).

eBogu - Good place to order your first gi (white uniform). Prices start at around $50. Check both the aikido and judo pages. Call them to discuss sizing.

Stories and Writing on Aikido

Sensei Imaizumi's letter 2003

From Basic to Advanced Aikido


Past Seminar Pics

Other Past Events

Shin-Budo Kai Affiliated Dojos

Shin-Budo Kai - New York
This is the main dojo where Imaizumi Shihan teaches.

Albuquerque Shin-Budo Kai
This is the dojo that we are most closely affiliated with.

Shin-Budo Kai of North Texas
Colleyville, TX

Training Resources

YouTube Videos

Aikido Journal online

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